The Answer to #TheDress Illusion…

Which side are you on?

This one picture took the internet community by storm and caused endless online bickering. This resulted in tons of articles and posts talking about – #thedress.

I was asked about the color by many of my friends and they all looked at me with disgust once I said it was blue & black.


Here’s how big it became…

According to the

” When this article was being posted, the original Buzzfeed story had notched up a record-breaking 20.8 million views.

“At one point tonight (ET) more than 670,000 people were on simultaneously, 500k of those on mobile, and half of those people were reading the dress post,” said the website. “

I am utterly convinced that this dress is blue and black…

What color do you see?

The science behind it is simply put in a post by :

The point is, your brain tries to interpolate a kind of color context for the image, and then spits out an answer for the color of the dress

And for entertaining purposes look at how these celebrities sided on the issue (taken from the Toronto star):

•Team white and gold:
Kim Kardashian, Julianne Moore, Anna Kendrick, Jimmy Fallon, BJ Novak, Sarah Hyland, Lance Bass, Sara Bareilles, Sarah Harmer, Nia Vardolos, Blake McGrath, Rob Ford

•Team blue and black:
Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Jaden Smith, Mindy Kaling, Demi Lovato, Kate Upton, Mindy Kaling, Josh Groban, Bonnie Fuller, Dan Levy, Lights, Tegan and Sarah…Mayor John Tory

•Team saw one, then the other:

Rob Lowe, Lucy Hale, Zendaya, Nina Dobrev

I would like to think that having the same conclusion as Kanye West & Mayor John Tory is a good thing!!

For my business people out there, because of this viral spotlight on the dress fortune found out the following:

A Roman spokesperson said the company’s sales are up 347% Friday compared to expectations as people come to look at the dress and end up shopping for other items as well.

The dress in question sells for £50.00 ($77.13) and is available in three other color combinations, none of which are gold and white.

In your face – team gold and white.

– Pjay


Top 10 Canadian YouTube Channels?

You clicked this because the title interested you right?

So here’s what I did…

Using Social Blade, a website that ranks YouTube Channels, I wanted to find out who were the Top YouTube Canadians…

But how does Social Blade rank these Youtube Channels?

On Social Blade’s FAQ, it mentions their SB ranking:

“When Social Blade was created we first just listed rankings based on number of subscribers and number of views, but it quickly became evident that this was not an accurate indicator of how people were actually doing on YouTube. (Side Note: I feel they are talking about $$$ here)

Someone could have a bazillion subscribers that they cheated to get without having any actual views. The SB ranking system aims to measure a channel’s influence based on a variety of metrics including average view counts and amount of “other channel” widgets listed in.” (Side Note: no idea what “other channel” widget means…)

Top 10 Canadian YouTube Channels
Top 10 Canadian YouTube Channels
In terms of making money on YouTube, Social Blade explains their calculations:
Estimated earnings are just that, estimated. We take a low CPM value ($0.25 USD) and a high CPM value ($4.00 USD), numbers that we have found to be common from our partners, and multiply them by the number of views the channel gets per day. This assumes that every view on the partner’s channel is monetized, which is usually not the case.

Though I want to point out the earnings are those strictly coming from the YouTube Partner Program. Basically these monies come from advertisers who place ads on these channels pages. Depending on the specific audience they reach these advertisers may pay more or less to “bid” for ads on “monetized” videos.

To be clear this figure excludes additional monies that can be obtained by these channels who do in fact ask their audience to buy goods.

Below are the Rankings in descending order with their “about me” description last.

Subs: 612,575
Total Views: 727,612,719

$55.4K – $886.4K


$664.8K – $10.6M


Join BABY BIG MOUTH on an adventure of fun and discovery with surprise eggs, exciting new toys from around the world and more!

With BABY BIG MOUTH you learn, sing, dance and play with surprise sing-along songs, phonics fun, interactive games and the “Surprise Egg Learn-A-Word” spelling series!

Subs: 11,125,370
Total Views: 2,142,629,916

$48K – $768.3K


$576.2K – $9.2M


My name is Vanoss and I make funny gaming videos. I have a ton fun gaming with my friends and I share the best moments with you :]

Subs: 6,850,842
Total Views: 2,562,440,485

$44.7K – $714.5K


$535.9K – $8.6M


The 7th largest YouTube channel in the world throughout 2014, WatchMojo published Top 10 pop culture lists on infotainment topics. We cater to a broad audience but our core viewers are young male millennials. Each month, our subscribers watch 180 million videos and spend over 1 billion minutes watching our content.

Subs: 6,810
Total Views: 21,506,128

$26.4K – $422.6K


$317K – $5.1M


I got kicked in the head. It was ok. Follow me on Twitter to hear more about my travelling fun 🙂 @JaredMichael43


Subs: 1,312,160
Total Views: 1,074,117,111

$18.6K – $297.2K


$222.9K – $3.6M


“Busy Beavers” gets Kids Singing and Speaking in English!

Toddlers, Preshoolers, Kindergarten Kids and Elementary School ESL Students around the world are learning English with Busy Beavers Videos!

Subs: 948,084
Total Views: 164,337,656

$13.1K – $209.2K


$156.9K – $2.5M


Top 10s and Let’s Plays for Five Nights at Freddy’s, Skyrim and more!


Subs: 5,154,088
Total Views: 594,612,299

$10.2K – $162.7K


$122K – $2M


Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make YouTube videos now. I am also a happy unicorn that believes in one love. Join me on my adventures!!


Subs: 676,124
Total Views: 514,890,848

$9.4K – $150.5K


$112.9K – $1.8M


Have fun and enjoy your time on the channel , thank you very much for coming.

*Make Suggestions for certain games you would like to see covered.


Subs: 3,571,692
Total Views: 325,073,531

$8.6K – $137.7K


$103.3K – $1.7M


Edutainment videos with amazing facts that will blow your mind!


Subs: 2,810,713
Total Views: 495,990,947

$9K – $143.9K


$108K – $1.7M


The newest Electro / House / DnB / Glitch Hop / 110 BPM / Drumstep / Dubstep / Trance / Trap / Nudisco / Future Bass

Monstercat is an electronic record label, which prides itself in supporting rising electronic artists from around the globe. With singles charting at #1 Worldwide on Beatport and albums hitting #1 on iTunes’ Dance charts in over 16 countries, we are proving that independent labels have the ability to reshape the music industry landscape.




Those are the Top 10 Canadian YouTube Channels according to Social Blade!

Honorable Mentions go to Epic Meal Time & AsapSCIENCE whom I stumbled upon because they had a LARGE AMOUNT of SUBSCRIBERS but didn’t seem to be high on the SB Rankings !
– Pjay


The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral


I want to take the time to write to myself about this viral phenomenon. These fun trends come and go but I do want to ensure that I sum up what the real message I feel should be about – and that is education and support.

Now the ALS Ice bucket challenge really took off and even on my Facebook, all my friends are posting and nominating each other. I do have a problem with the way it has spread. It’s such a fun thought to grab a bucket of ice and dump it on your head for “ALS”. Here is what’s disappointing to me, do those participating in this challenge really understand what ALS is and why they should support? Honestly, I didn’t even know what ALS was half of the time. I was just scrolling through all these videos of people dumping ice on their head (HECK! even celebrities were doing it!) . I applaud the fact that it’s great to see the whole world jump on the trend and dump buckets of ice for ALS. On the positive side, ALS has cited that they did increase their donations immensely after this viral phenomenon happened.

I do wish that everyone that recorded a Ice bucket challenge and nominated others see that the dumping of the bucket on themselves as secondary. MAINLY people should focus on the educating WHY the Ice bucket is being dumped and WHAT IS ALS. It shouldn’t be awareness of the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE… but the awareness of the DISORDER and what SUPPORT can be done.

I really think Charlie Sheen did it the best, the way he contributed $10,000 dollars to the organization. Though money won’t solve the problem entirely – it does give fuel to the organization and the people that research or in battle with the disorder. And if you can’t donate that amount of cash atleast do yourself a favor and learn about ALS. Awareness is great at the end of the day but EDUCATION is what lasts.

P.S Here I’ll give you a head start. You learn 10x better when you are curious…

Ask yourself do you even know what A.L.S is?

Google it :