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I’m On A Boat!!!

Boat party @ Night Time

What a great way to start off the summer!!

Load a bunch of Filipino university students on a boat at lakeshore, sail out to catch a great view of Toronto, throw in a dj, add some drinks and pizza, and it’s definitely going to be a goooood time!!

My friend and I headed to this party basically knowing no one. We did some chatting within the line to board the boat and it did pay off later.

The boat had two floors. The bottom floor was a lounge; it had cushioned seats, tables and most importantly had the pizza. The top floor was where you needed to be most of the night. The music was loud, lights flickering, the bar was open, and the dance floor was ready to  be warmed up with some dance moves.

I believe it was 5-6 different Filipino university clubs that were present within this “I”M ON A BOAT” party! Each school had their own screaming chants and dance battles took place throughout the night.

OH! And a twerking competition took place! Really? Yes Really.

The winner won $$$. Thank you for making me think tuition could be paid with a swing of my hips…

Though I’m not that much of a dancer but listen; my friend and I pretty much started the first dance circle! (No big deal..)

…There we were dancing with the girls we chatted with before we boarded (omg they were adorable and fun!). All of a sudden (I forget what song came on), people started to go crazy so I started clearing space for my favorite move – the body roll.

I hit that body roll like no one has ever seen. I felt everyone staring at me for this talent I was born with. It was like my spine was temporarily gone and my body was some sexy jelly that could dance. The way I body rolled, each roll was synced to the rhythm of the track – surely it made the whole boat jealous. You know I can’t help it if people like watching a Filipino do a body roll like I earned a degree in it..


I got showed up, served, taken to school.

I didn’t know that within the party there were a pair of break dancers. They took to the circle, basically making me look foolish, and did some flips, choreography etc.

Did that bother me? A bit.

So I walked away from that dance circle that I thought was mine and just danced with some other people.

I do admit there were tons of pretty ladies that night. They were dressed up nice, and I swear – there’s something about girls that can dance… Am I Right???

Pfft I didn’t even get to use any of my pick-up lines!

This boat party was a cool event and I’d definitely want to host my own maybe later in the future!

The boat returned at the dock around 1:00am and we said our goodbyes to our newly made friends.

What followed next was a big late night dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then watching the NBA playoffs at my friends house. I ended up sleeping over and basically I left my car overnight at a parking lot (I was risking getting a parking ticket).

Any experience that is about meeting new people and enjoying life is what I’m about!!

And I’m always looking to build my crew and find interesting things to see and do.

Consider that an indirect and open invitation to anyone reading this…

P.S I just arrived at my car – and no parking ticket! WHAAAAAATT!!!!

Till next time,


3 Things I’ve Learned From Doing My First Interview



As soon as I realized I’d be interviewing a Hollywood actor – I was thrilled!

But, I also was nervous. I’ve never had a formal interview sit-down…

So what did I do?

I researched: watched countless YouTube interviews, read articles, and I even talked to myself (It’s True!)

Fast-forward to after the interview, I was grateful. It was a great experience and immediately I wanted to watch my own performance…

And when I re-watched my interview, aside from the bad lighting, I picked up on things that I could’ve done better.

So I’m sharing with you what I noticed and what I’ll have to improve on if I get another chance to interview someone.


1) Go With The FLOWWW!

I noticed how the interview was a bit like a conversation between friends.

Yes, I had questions I wanted to ask but naturally as topics came up – we rode them like waves.

I came in with the mindset that I wouldn’t have notes and just talk. Just rely on my research that I did beforehand and “go with the flow”

And talking about flow, knowing the reason why the interview took place, I made sure that I could redirect the conversation to the movie that was being promoted.


2) Filler Phrases? YUCK!

There were many times I said “exactly”. For this I need to find another way to show agreement and receptivity.

One that comes to my head is just using gestures and facial reactions. The repeated “exactly” phrase did distract from the interview and made me annoyed at times.

I also had a lot of referencing phrases not sure if that’s good or bad. I would ask, “In an interview I watched…”

Well, I’m going to say now I shouldn’t do that, I should stick to the question/phrase and if they asked where I got that info – then tell them.



Preparation was key but I understand why you can never  be completely prepared.

During the interview there were times where I wrongly stated a fact or I skimmed over a topic I knew I saw.

It just makes me realize how preparation is dynamic, and the little facts may matter.

Being prepared somewhat made me calmer, but also anxious, I had so many questions/segments I wanted to ask but so little time. That definitely, is a better feeling then complete fear.


I’m no expert but the thought of me knowing what I have to do next time is satisfying enough!

P.S What have you looked back on and learned?

– Pjay

2015. Already?

New Years Eve Fireworks

With another year past us, we look forward to the experiences that this new year will bring. Personally, I’ve noticed that many people take “new year” as a starting point for committing to a new goal, resolution, or habit. It should be different; I believe that creation of goals, resolutions, and habits should be continuous throughout the year and not only at a point in time. With every new goal, I believe that the key to maintaining and achieving it is through of a support network. A support network could be friends, family, or even a routine that helps you stay on track. My goal this year is to keep consistent in practicing to write and speak.

On top of my personal goal, I want to to commit to being a supporter for another. The person that comes to my mind is my mom. For years and still to this day has trouble with keeping a healthy body. Doctors give her medicine for her diabetes, and she consumes pills for her high blood pressure. She is starting to feel the effects of aging and I want to be able to  help her take up exercising. The reason I think many people don’t exercise, and just speaking for my mom, is that they feel as it is a chore. I agree it takes discipline; however, it is way easier to exercise when you find an activity worth doing. For me it was basketball. I would spend hours playing basketball and was not even aware of the calories I burned. I was in it for enjoyment, and if it made me healthy as I participated, great for me!

What are your new year’s goals?

Who are you supporting?

P.S. I’m highly thinking of firing my own fireworks next year 😀
– Pjay

Oh Windsor!

August 30-31st, 2014


Yes! It was that time again…..filipino basketball tournament time!

Though it was a 4 hour drive, I managed to get there fully awake and ready to see what our basketball team could do. We checked into our hotel and the greatest thing was right beside us. Yup…It was a McDONALDS! Late night munchies solved with a selection from the value pick menu and infinite refills that could satisfy hundreds of thirsty athletes.

Our team didn’t do too well… we actually lost all our games. However, it was a great to see how sport brings together many different cities and people. From little kids to the seniors of 30 years and above – playing basketball. Who says competitiveness decreases as you age? Those seniors and masters that played in that division were as competitive as the much younger athletes.

A great coincidence was that our hotel was near the shore of the windsor/detroit tunnel. It was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. The last night of tournament we made our way over there and caught some fireworks that occupied the sky and reflected on the water.

Here’s to having a great time with great people! And here’s to sport being such an amazing life teacher !

– Pjay

Super Soaked

August 23, 2014


A Water battle. That’s what we ended up going to. Sounds exciting right?

It’s funny, I didn’t even know about the event until a friend randomly invited me to the page. I skimmed through the description and right away I knew I had to go. As soon as my eyes passed over the text “free” and “refill station” I committed to going on the spot.

Think about it, spend a day, specifically 3 hours shooting water at random people in a park – too good to be true!

My brother ended up tagging along and I also called up Mark (a friend of mine) to join in on the action.

Halfway through the trip to the park we realized we didn’t even have water guns. That was a big problem. We stopped by dollarama (THANK YOU!! FOR DOLLARAMA!!) and they had a huge selection of guns (water guns..) that were 3 dollars and under. It took us quite some time. We shuffled through the different appearances of the guns and discussed why we should choose one over the other. We made our choices and went to the cashier. A little girl with her mom saw us carrying all this heavy duty water weaponry and smiled.

“A Water Fight?”, she asked.

“YES! A Dangerous one little girl..”, we said

“We just had a water battle in our backyard yesterday with a bunch of kids, it’s messy but worth it”, the mom said.

That just solidified our expectations. We were going to go into that water arena and shoot everyone in our path.

As soon as we got there we noticed how many adults were participating. In our minds we thought we were going to be the only old ones but to our surprise mostly everyone was older and spotted quickly huge Super Soaker guns. The ones that cost a fortune to little kids at Walmart. So much for our ambitious Dollarama equipment.

We got owned. We got shot & sprayed in all of our faces in all directions. There was no way we would end up dry.

Somehow because of our gaming instincts and wit, we ended up forming alliances. There was one lone guy who had a huge gun. So I asked his name, said some jokes, and voila! He ended up liking us and began helping us out.

As we eased into the game we ended up subtlety taking control. We would say “DRY” every time a new person entered the field and everyone would follow our lead to spray them down. They were drenched in 3 seconds. It was a new form of bullying. WATER-Bullying I called it.

Somehow I ended up joking with a family of Water Balloon-ers (the only people who brought large quantities of water balloons to the battle) and they gave me the rest of their stash. The rest of the battle I ended up filling these water balloons just so I could whip it at someones back to see it explode.

It was a fun time! Though, there were couple of people who did like to pick on us, one specific kid who would always sneak and shoot us right in the face when we weren’t paying attention.

Did I mention the water was freezing cold?

It’s funny what a bunch of water guns and a water filling station can bring out in a bunch of adrenaline craving adults.

– Pjay

Taste of Manila in Toronto

August 23, 2014

The 1st Taste of Manila 2014

I Made my way to the Taste of Manila with Mark – or as the Filipino community now wants to call it, “Little Manila”. The event started at 10 am with a parade and we got there early around 9 30 am. We anticipated that there would be nowhere to park, so we parked at the closest subway station (Wilson), and took a 10 minute walk to the area. We ended up getting hungry before we could reach the event and we ate at the subway (the restaurant) on the way there.

I realized how breakfast at Subway was really satisfying and cheap. What was great about the Subway was it had a fountain drink with my purchase. And countless times I refilled that fountain drink taking advantage of the “bottom-less” Nestea as they would call it back home in the Philippines.

When we reached the main grounds, the event hadn’t even started and the vendors were still setting up. That’s what we get for actually coming in on time (Filipino time=start later).

We were walking up and down the aisles of the event, vendors on both sides. It was a small space since they closed only one side of the street for the event. We took note of all the businesses and the products/services they were promoting and ended up grabbing a couple of freebies(pens,buttons) from people handing things out.

We decided we would wait for the parade and get a good seat to catch the action, maybe stick around for a couple of performances. There at the beginning of the parade my parents were, just chatting among people they knew. Luckily I had my camera on me and I took a couple of videos of the parade.

Wow, it ended up being crowded as soon as it hit lunch! Totally, a Filipino thing – there’s food? Let’s Go!

People were everywhere, I couldn’t even move without brushing someones shoulder. That was a good sign for the event and the performers on stage. They actually had people to entertain and the vendors could interact with the people passing by. We sat at the front (really good seats by the way), probably because the volunteers thought we were VIP and after all I did have a camera (Note to Self: BRING A CAMERA EVERYWHERE).

We took advantage of it and sat there for a couple of performances nodding our heads and dancing along.

All of a sudden prizes were up for grabs.

“We are giving tickets out to Bamboo’s concert!”, said the female MC. “All you have to do is name one of Bamboo’s songs!.”

Mark rushed up from his seat and snatched the microphone from the woman’s hand. “Noypi, Noypi, is one of his songs!”

“Correct! Now Sing it!”,  she said. Mark looked at the faces in the audiences, hesitant for a bit and then started singing.

I forgot what else happened after that moment because I put my head down. I didn’t want to look, but the crowd seemed to dig it. “More, More!” the crowd said.

Mark sang again and he did end up winning the tickets. Originally, they were going to give three but ended up giving just two to mark. Mark was pumped and so happy.

“I actually listen to him all of the time! But I thought I would of got 3 tickets, I would of sold the last one.”, he said.

It was a fun time, we ended up leaving right as the event introduced a “kiss-cam” and awkwardly pointed the cameras to people in the audience.

At least you can say we left with something. The early bird gets the Bamboo Tickets – in this case two of them.