Muscle Cramps Be Gone!


That must hurt?!


Last night LeBron James suffered a leg cramp and could not finish the game. What bad timing, right at the Nba Finals where all games matter. Miami was up the entire game and couldn’t close once the King limped his way to the bench.

Because of this, I quickly google’d (that’s surely a word now) how to prevent muscle cramps from occurring. To my surprise I ran into a blog that supported their advice with scientific research. One of these findings I never came across anywhere else. Only way to know if it works is to try it out!

Here is the most interesting ones I’ve read from :

” Drink pickle juice or another salty solution.

Drinking pickle juice may help your cramps disappear faster than drinking plain water or nothing. Since the effect is probably due to the acidic/salty taste, any similar drink or food would probably work well, too. ”

Then there’s the common advice:

” Lightly stretch the muscle.

Some evidence indicates that light passive stretching can help muscle cramps go away faster than rest alone. You’re not trying to improve your flexibility with this stretching — just pull on the muscle lightly to tell the brain it’s okay to relax. ”

” Stay hydrated.
There isn’t much evidence that dehydration causes muscle cramps, but it might contribute.11 It’s obviously worth staying hydrated for other reasons, so keep drinking when you’re thirsty. ”

Those three recommendations will prepare you for the NBA finals if you ever need to play in one.

Here is the blog with more recommendations and articles:

– Pjay