Niceee! It’s a Sign!


I have to be honest…I didn’t know who he was at first but I immediately used my handy phone to solve that!

Domics is a Canadian Youtuber that has more than a million subscribers! He is also 24 years young and graduated from a local university, ryerson. He now makes a living off animating stories. I happened to walk by his booth and was intrigued by his merchandise.

He told me that this was his first time boothing and he pleasantly said that he’ll probably sell out of merchandise. It was a suprise to run into him because here I was at this filipino festival!

He was accompanied by his girlfriend at his booth and I witnessed his countless fans come by and say hi.

This one little kid came from New York just to say hi to him (with his parents of course). Wow. He had the biggest smile and hung around his booth hugging onto the merchandise he bought.

The reason why I’m posting this is because I recognize where credit is due. Yes, I’m impressed by his subscriber count but I’m more impressed by his animations and storytelling.

My personal goal is to refine my storytelling skills and to hopefully have at least one person enjoy listening!

I had a good time eating food and visiting booths. It’s always refreshing to meet new people and learn new things!



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