I’m On A Boat!!!

Boat party @ Night Time

What a great way to start off the summer!!

Load a bunch of Filipino university students on a boat at lakeshore, sail out to catch a great view of Toronto, throw in a dj, add some drinks and pizza, and it’s definitely going to be a goooood time!!

My friend and I headed to this party basically knowing no one. We did some chatting within the line to board the boat and it did pay off later.

The boat had two floors. The bottom floor was a lounge; it had cushioned seats, tables and most importantly had the pizza. The top floor was where you needed to be most of the night. The music was loud, lights flickering, the bar was open, and the dance floor was ready to  be warmed up with some dance moves.

I believe it was 5-6 different Filipino university clubs that were present within this “I”M ON A BOAT” party! Each school had their own screaming chants and dance battles took place throughout the night.

OH! And a twerking competition took place! Really? Yes Really.

The winner won $$$. Thank you for making me think tuition could be paid with a swing of my hips…

Though I’m not that much of a dancer but listen; my friend and I pretty much started the first dance circle! (No big deal..)

…There we were dancing with the girls we chatted with before we boarded (omg they were adorable and fun!). All of a sudden (I forget what song came on), people started to go crazy so I started clearing space for my favorite move – the body roll.

I hit that body roll like no one has ever seen. I felt everyone staring at me for this talent I was born with. It was like my spine was temporarily gone and my body was some sexy jelly that could dance. The way I body rolled, each roll was synced to the rhythm of the track – surely it made the whole boat jealous. You know I can’t help it if people like watching a Filipino do a body roll like I earned a degree in it..


I got showed up, served, taken to school.

I didn’t know that within the party there were a pair of break dancers. They took to the circle, basically making me look foolish, and did some flips, choreography etc.

Did that bother me? A bit.

So I walked away from that dance circle that I thought was mine and just danced with some other people.

I do admit there were tons of pretty ladies that night. They were dressed up nice, and I swear – there’s something about girls that can dance… Am I Right???

Pfft I didn’t even get to use any of my pick-up lines!

This boat party was a cool event and I’d definitely want to host my own maybe later in the future!

The boat returned at the dock around 1:00am and we said our goodbyes to our newly made friends.

What followed next was a big late night dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then watching the NBA playoffs at my friends house. I ended up sleeping over and basically I left my car overnight at a parking lot (I was risking getting a parking ticket).

Any experience that is about meeting new people and enjoying life is what I’m about!!

And I’m always looking to build my crew and find interesting things to see and do.

Consider that an indirect and open invitation to anyone reading this…

P.S I just arrived at my car – and no parking ticket! WHAAAAAATT!!!!

Till next time,



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