3 Things I’ve Learned From Doing My First Interview



As soon as I realized I’d be interviewing a Hollywood actor – I was thrilled!

But, I also was nervous. I’ve never had a formal interview sit-down…

So what did I do?

I researched: watched countless YouTube interviews, read articles, and I even talked to myself (It’s True!)

Fast-forward to after the interview, I was grateful. It was a great experience and immediately I wanted to watch my own performance…

And when I re-watched my interview, aside from the bad lighting, I picked up on things that I could’ve done better.

So I’m sharing with you what I noticed and what I’ll have to improve on if I get another chance to interview someone.


1) Go With The FLOWWW!

I noticed how the interview was a bit like a conversation between friends.

Yes, I had questions I wanted to ask but naturally as topics came up – we rode them like waves.

I came in with the mindset that I wouldn’t have notes and just talk. Just rely on my research that I did beforehand and “go with the flow”

And talking about flow, knowing the reason why the interview took place, I made sure that I could redirect the conversation to the movie that was being promoted.


2) Filler Phrases? YUCK!

There were many times I said “exactly”. For this I need to find another way to show agreement and receptivity.

One that comes to my head is just using gestures and facial reactions. The repeated “exactly” phrase did distract from the interview and made me annoyed at times.

I also had a lot of referencing phrases not sure if that’s good or bad. I would ask, “In an interview I watched…”

Well, I’m going to say now I shouldn’t do that, I should stick to the question/phrase and if they asked where I got that info – then tell them.



Preparation was key but I understand why you can never  be completely prepared.

During the interview there were times where I wrongly stated a fact or I skimmed over a topic I knew I saw.

It just makes me realize how preparation is dynamic, and the little facts may matter.

Being prepared somewhat made me calmer, but also anxious, I had so many questions/segments I wanted to ask but so little time. That definitely, is a better feeling then complete fear.


I’m no expert but the thought of me knowing what I have to do next time is satisfying enough!

P.S What have you looked back on and learned?

– Pjay


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