2015. Already?

New Years Eve Fireworks

With another year past us, we look forward to the experiences that this new year will bring. Personally, I’ve noticed that many people take “new year” as a starting point for committing to a new goal, resolution, or habit. It should be different; I believe that creation of goals, resolutions, and habits should be continuous throughout the year and not only at a point in time. With every new goal, I believe that the key to maintaining and achieving it is through of a support network. A support network could be friends, family, or even a routine that helps you stay on track. My goal this year is to keep consistent in practicing to write and speak.

On top of my personal goal, I want to to commit to being a supporter for another. The person that comes to my mind is my mom. For years and still to this day has trouble with keeping a healthy body. Doctors give her medicine for her diabetes, and she consumes pills for her high blood pressure. She is starting to feel the effects of aging and I want to be able to  help her take up exercising. The reason I think many people don’t exercise, and just speaking for my mom, is that they feel as it is a chore. I agree it takes discipline; however, it is way easier to exercise when you find an activity worth doing. For me it was basketball. I would spend hours playing basketball and was not even aware of the calories I burned. I was in it for enjoyment, and if it made me healthy as I participated, great for me!

What are your new year’s goals?

Who are you supporting?

P.S. I’m highly thinking of firing my own fireworks next year 😀
– Pjay


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