Oh Windsor!

August 30-31st, 2014


Yes! It was that time again…..filipino basketball tournament time!

Though it was a 4 hour drive, I managed to get there fully awake and ready to see what our basketball team could do. We checked into our hotel and the greatest thing was right beside us. Yup…It was a McDONALDS! Late night munchies solved with a selection from the value pick menu and infinite refills that could satisfy hundreds of thirsty athletes.

Our team didn’t do too well… we actually lost all our games. However, it was a great to see how sport brings together many different cities and people. From little kids to the seniors of 30 years and above – playing basketball. Who says competitiveness decreases as you age? Those seniors and masters that played in that division were as competitive as the much younger athletes.

A great coincidence was that our hotel was near the shore of the windsor/detroit tunnel. It was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel. The last night of tournament we made our way over there and caught some fireworks that occupied the sky and reflected on the water.

Here’s to having a great time with great people! And here’s to sport being such an amazing life teacher !

– Pjay


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