Super Soaked

August 23, 2014


A Water battle. That’s what we ended up going to. Sounds exciting right?

It’s funny, I didn’t even know about the event until a friend randomly invited me to the page. I skimmed through the description and right away I knew I had to go. As soon as my eyes passed over the text “free” and “refill station” I committed to going on the spot.

Think about it, spend a day, specifically 3 hours shooting water at random people in a park – too good to be true!

My brother ended up tagging along and I also called up Mark (a friend of mine) to join in on the action.

Halfway through the trip to the park we realized we didn’t even have water guns. That was a big problem. We stopped by dollarama (THANK YOU!! FOR DOLLARAMA!!) and they had a huge selection of guns (water guns..) that were 3 dollars and under. It took us quite some time. We shuffled through the different appearances of the guns and discussed why we should choose one over the other. We made our choices and went to the cashier. A little girl with her mom saw us carrying all this heavy duty water weaponry and smiled.

“A Water Fight?”, she asked.

“YES! A Dangerous one little girl..”, we said

“We just had a water battle in our backyard yesterday with a bunch of kids, it’s messy but worth it”, the mom said.

That just solidified our expectations. We were going to go into that water arena and shoot everyone in our path.

As soon as we got there we noticed how many adults were participating. In our minds we thought we were going to be the only old ones but to our surprise mostly everyone was older and spotted quickly huge Super Soaker guns. The ones that cost a fortune to little kids at Walmart. So much for our ambitious Dollarama equipment.

We got owned. We got shot & sprayed in all of our faces in all directions. There was no way we would end up dry.

Somehow because of our gaming instincts and wit, we ended up forming alliances. There was one lone guy who had a huge gun. So I asked his name, said some jokes, and voila! He ended up liking us and began helping us out.

As we eased into the game we ended up subtlety taking control. We would say “DRY” every time a new person entered the field and everyone would follow our lead to spray them down. They were drenched in 3 seconds. It was a new form of bullying. WATER-Bullying I called it.

Somehow I ended up joking with a family of Water Balloon-ers (the only people who brought large quantities of water balloons to the battle) and they gave me the rest of their stash. The rest of the battle I ended up filling these water balloons just so I could whip it at someones back to see it explode.

It was a fun time! Though, there were couple of people who did like to pick on us, one specific kid who would always sneak and shoot us right in the face when we weren’t paying attention.

Did I mention the water was freezing cold?

It’s funny what a bunch of water guns and a water filling station can bring out in a bunch of adrenaline craving adults.

– Pjay


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