Taste of Manila in Toronto

August 23, 2014

The 1st Taste of Manila 2014

I Made my way to the Taste of Manila with Mark – or as the Filipino community now wants to call it, “Little Manila”. The event started at 10 am with a parade and we got there early around 9 30 am. We anticipated that there would be nowhere to park, so we parked at the closest subway station (Wilson), and took a 10 minute walk to the area. We ended up getting hungry before we could reach the event and we ate at the subway (the restaurant) on the way there.

I realized how breakfast at Subway was really satisfying and cheap. What was great about the Subway was it had a fountain drink with my purchase. And countless times I refilled that fountain drink taking advantage of the “bottom-less” Nestea as they would call it back home in the Philippines.

When we reached the main grounds, the event hadn’t even started and the vendors were still setting up. That’s what we get for actually coming in on time (Filipino time=start later).

We were walking up and down the aisles of the event, vendors on both sides. It was a small space since they closed only one side of the street for the event. We took note of all the businesses and the products/services they were promoting and ended up grabbing a couple of freebies(pens,buttons) from people handing things out.

We decided we would wait for the parade and get a good seat to catch the action, maybe stick around for a couple of performances. There at the beginning of the parade my parents were, just chatting among people they knew. Luckily I had my camera on me and I took a couple of videos of the parade.

Wow, it ended up being crowded as soon as it hit lunch! Totally, a Filipino thing – there’s food? Let’s Go!

People were everywhere, I couldn’t even move without brushing someones shoulder. That was a good sign for the event and the performers on stage. They actually had people to entertain and the vendors could interact with the people passing by. We sat at the front (really good seats by the way), probably because the volunteers thought we were VIP and after all I did have a camera (Note to Self: BRING A CAMERA EVERYWHERE).

We took advantage of it and sat there for a couple of performances nodding our heads and dancing along.

All of a sudden prizes were up for grabs.

“We are giving tickets out to Bamboo’s concert!”, said the female MC. “All you have to do is name one of Bamboo’s songs!.”

Mark rushed up from his seat and snatched the microphone from the woman’s hand. “Noypi, Noypi, is one of his songs!”

“Correct! Now Sing it!”,  she said. Mark looked at the faces in the audiences, hesitant for a bit and then started singing.

I forgot what else happened after that moment because I put my head down. I didn’t want to look, but the crowd seemed to dig it. “More, More!” the crowd said.

Mark sang again and he did end up winning the tickets. Originally, they were going to give three but ended up giving just two to mark. Mark was pumped and so happy.

“I actually listen to him all of the time! But I thought I would of got 3 tickets, I would of sold the last one.”, he said.

It was a fun time, we ended up leaving right as the event introduced a “kiss-cam” and awkwardly pointed the cameras to people in the audience.

At least you can say we left with something. The early bird gets the Bamboo Tickets – in this case two of them.



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