The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral


I want to take the time to write to myself about this viral phenomenon. These fun trends come and go but I do want to ensure that I sum up what the real message I feel should be about – and that is education and support.

Now the ALS Ice bucket challenge really took off and even on my Facebook, all my friends are posting and nominating each other. I do have a problem with the way it has spread. It’s such a fun thought to grab a bucket of ice and dump it on your head for “ALS”. Here is what’s disappointing to me, do those participating in this challenge really understand what ALS is and why they should support? Honestly, I didn’t even know what ALS was half of the time. I was just scrolling through all these videos of people dumping ice on their head (HECK! even celebrities were doing it!) . I applaud the fact that it’s great to see the whole world jump on the trend and dump buckets of ice for ALS. On the positive side, ALS has cited that they did increase their donations immensely after this viral phenomenon happened.

I do wish that everyone that recorded a Ice bucket challenge and nominated others see that the dumping of the bucket on themselves as secondary. MAINLY people should focus on the educating WHY the Ice bucket is being dumped and WHAT IS ALS. It shouldn’t be awareness of the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE… but the awareness of the DISORDER and what SUPPORT can be done.

I really think Charlie Sheen did it the best, the way he contributed $10,000 dollars to the organization. Though money won’t solve the problem entirely – it does give fuel to the organization and the people that research or in battle with the disorder. And if you can’t donate that amount of cash atleast do yourself a favor and learn about ALS. Awareness is great at the end of the day but EDUCATION is what lasts.

P.S Here I’ll give you a head start. You learn 10x better when you are curious…

Ask yourself do you even know what A.L.S is?

Google it :



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