Sunday, August 17th 2014

As soon as I realized I had no work scheduled on Sunday I did some quick thinking…

Summer would not be complete without a spontaneous visit to somewhere – and BAAM! why not CNE?

I called up my trusty companions (aka Rehab Crew) and I invited them out to this land of overpriced food and rigged games.

I ended up getting to the grounds first and decided to walk around and have some well deserved “me” time. Though I admit I didn’t get the chance to walk around the whole park, with a brochure in my hand I picked a couple of sites to check out. With just a bag and a camera, I wandered off snapping pictures of the rides and of random people. A family caught me taking pictures of them and ran away as soon as I tried to take another. At that point I realized how creepy a little short filipino with a camera by himself was, but I shrugged it off and was on my way.

drop   spinnyy

fountain   gliders

I ended up stopping by the Direct Energy Center where there was a Celebrity Expert Stage and numerous vendors. Further back within the center was a unique gardening showcase area and a sand sculpting competition. YEAH I REPEAT, A SAND SCULPTING COMPETITION. A ton of people were crowding around the remaining artists in the sand pit –  in complete awe of their work. There was an old looking fellow who effortlessly made a sculpture of different sized rocks balancing on one another and I happened to catch the intensity of the moment…


Soon after I headed back to the entrance of the CNE and hung out at the Pan-Am Sports Zone where all games were free (this obviously was my favourite area in the park). Just in time, the crew appeared and it was time take a second lap around the park.


I came to CNE with the mission of spending only 15 dollars on games and food. Yeah, mission completed – no big deal. I spent $13 on games : $5 for 3 shots at a  basketball game, $5 at a water gun game and the rest at this little bowling game. I lost every single game. But I did win memories.. (cue sappy music here)

We took full advantage of all the free stuff : the pan-am sports zone where we played wheel chair basketball, watched the CNE junior rising star talent show, & YEAH A WATER RE-FILLING STATION.

This was one of the performances.  YEAH! This little girl did a somersault like about 123889217 times and landed them like a boss.


Duncan’s reaction was like..


Overall, t’was a Sunday Fun-day!

I am heavily thinking of going back just to catch the finals of the CNE rising star talent competition – those people are amazingly talented.

P.S How do you like them GIF’s?

P.S.S OOH and I forgot to post this GIF of a girl “trying” to conquer the machine bull at the park. I literally LOL’d so hard.

– Pjay







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