3 Things That I learned From Godzilla



So I recently watched the Godzilla movie and I was pleasantly surprised

I never really followed the story of Godzilla but after watching the movie I came out with some interesting lessons

I will not spoil the movie for you but instead point out things that stood out to me while I was watching the movie. These things were not that important to the story line but I thought I should mention.

1) Mutant Monsters are Unattractive

These mutated monsters you will see in the movie are not the best looking creatures. I assume it’s because they are supposed to strike fear in the audience. I was hoping there would be at least one monster who was at least pleasant to look at instead of the normal urge to run away when it’s spotted.

2) Children are cute

I do not know if it was on purpose to make this contrast but there were many shots of kids and children in the movie right in contrast with those ugly mutant monsters. Maybe that’s why I noticed how ugly those monsters were because it was emphasized by the comparison of how cute the children on screen were when placed side by side. It’s the innocence, the curiosity, and basically their miniature status that automatically wants to see these children be unharmed and safe. While those huge monsters, you want them to disappear.

3)Do not live in a condo (or anywhere high up)

When there were battles of Godzilla and the other mutant monsters, there was guaranteed destruction. Just by them walking around they were crushing structures such as highways, buildings, cars. The worst is that they seem to have an attraction to destroy condominiums. Monsters want to use those condo buildings as landing sites and weapons to throw to the others.

I didn’t spoil the movie at all.The 3D also made it feel so much alive.

I would recommend you go see the movie – the breaking bad guy is in it as well.

– Pjay



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