Here’s My Chance


We stared at each other…

There we were.

Just her and I.

She knew where this was going to go. I knew it too.

In my head the same words echoed over and over, “Do it! Just Do it!”

People were around us but that didn’t matter.

It was all a blur – I was too focused on getting it done.

My friends shouted to me more than 5 times. I only heard two of those yells. My phone probably rang in my pocket but I ignored it. My legs were numb from excitement. I was wondering what she thought I wanted.

She grinned. I knew she always could feel what I wanted. We’ seen each almost daily, exchanging words and trading tension filled glares.

Then she said it.

My heart stopped. Time froze. And it felt like I was the only one she wanted to talk to.

I was right. She basically made my day…

when she said…

“Welcome to McDonalds.”

“Can I take your order Pjay?”

I knew she was playing with my feelings!

She knew I always ordered from that value pick menu!

I owned that menu. My eyes never strayed from that little corner!

… and that was my visit to McDonalds! or my dramatic version of what happened.


P.S Oh yeah! I got two junior chickens and 1 mcdouble if you were wondering.

P.S.S And you can’t forget to ask for the sweet and sour sauce… I also just realized I didn’t know her name.

– Pjay









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