Team #ootd – 3 Things I’ve Noticed

A perfect picture of my face when I get a follower

I recently signed up on Instagram not knowing what to expect. 

And Yes.

I do hear you saying to yourself, “why is he signing up now? I’ve been on instagram since the day my phone had a camera! I can name you all the instagram filters by heart!

Here’s what I say to that, “Good for you.. and what’s your go-to filter?” (no really.. I want to know)

For the few weeks I have been on instagram I have come up with couple of observations. Though you may not agree with them, I put my heart and soul into gathering these facts – totaling about 5 minutes of my day. All I ask is that you stay seated,  keep your eyes on the blog, and please do not unfollow my instagram account.

Here goes my list.. I’m actually making this up as I go. Can you tell?

  #1 – OOTD 

The first time I refreshed my news feed (hold on – is it called the news feed? Probably insta feed, or insta picture feed.. or picture feed that would make a lot more sense) I saw pictures of mostly mirror shots. Instagram never educated me on the most used hashtags. I didn’t know what it meant. My friends obviously knew, I guess I wasn’t listening when they mentioned it. But OOTD? I’m embarrassed to say that I even asked people what OOTD (as I pronounced it “ooou-tuh-duh”) meant. Outfit of the day, now it all makes sense. I can’t wait until I take a picture of my first oou-tuh-duh and probably have no one like the post.

#2 – What I can’t Share?

So.. I see a funny photo or a motivational photo I like. Double tap that screen – BAM I liked it.. aka loved it because instagram symbolizes that with a heart. But, how about if I want to share it with my followers? My friend would interrupt me and and say in an epic motivational voice,  “Make Sure You Don’t Have Fake Followers!” that’s some pretty deep and random advice. Back to my point, Instagram doesn’t allow me to re-share? Please let this be the case or I have showed how new I am to this thing. I know I can tag people…Yeah that’s about it.

Here’s a note to my self: Instagram than in a nutshell is: Tag. Like. Follow. Say a one liner or even one word that’s profound accompanying your picture – yeah you can say I got it all figured out.

 #3- Instagram-itis

What I meant to say is that instagram and all social networking sites for that matter are addicting. And I know adding -itis at the end of instagram doesn’t make sense. FYI -itis means inflamation so that was a horrible fail on my part. Should of been Instagram Addiction – however Instagramitis does sound way more medical and a serious issue. I see this alot, and when I say I see it I mean it’s probably just me doing this; I can’t stop taking pictures because of the hope with a touch of a filter – Voila! A masterpiece. 

Another thing that I hate to say that fills me with utmost joy is when a person follows you. Or even better when someone you don’t know follows you. Hold on – that just sounded really creepy…thank goodness for the instagram context!

There you have it – my quick observations on Instagram.

It’s almost my 3 week anniversary with the app – maybe it’s time to actually post a selfie.. nvm.

P.S. What’s an ideal follower – following ratio?

P.S.S. Wow, I just stumbled upon this – please don’t tell me billboard is giving out awards to the best instagram photos (do not click this if you do not like celebrities and displays of skin): Best instagram photos of 2013

– Pjay



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